Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the best Boutique real estate developer in Cyprus.

Our Mission

To deliver residential properties of superior quality at affordable prices and provide the best in customer care.

Maromakis developers - our dream

There is no better reward than a customer’s happy smile.

George Marinou

Founder/ Director


Our Objectives

Acknowledging and considering the continuous changes in the market and industry trends influencing our prospects and capacity, we have set as the main objective of our strategic planning the development and expansion in new markets interested to invest in Cyprus.

‘BuildingON’ the current status of the company.

  • We like to add, on the existing list of friends, new ones. Owed to that, we are always trying to keep both clients and associates as content as possible.
  • We believe in simplicity, not complexity. Thus, we are always trying to make things easy.
  • We are perfectionists and accept nothing less than excellence.
  • We are always training our team members regardless of their position level in order to embed our core values.
  • We are constantly researching in pursuance of innovative ideas in developing smart properties which will be simple to use as well as friendly to our environment.
  • We are open to any suggestions and new ideas which could make us better.


Important Links

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