Cyprus: 5th safest country in the world

Cyprus is among the top 5 safest countries in the world for 2015. More amazing is the fact that Cyprus is the No. 1 safest country to live among countries that have population under 5 million.

xgnThe data that was taken into consideration for this study was the population of every country, CO2 emissions, life expectancy, the amount of traffic accidents, the water quality, theft, kidnapping and the trafficking of drugs.

The study notes that Cyprus is the third largest island.  The reasons that put Cyprus in 5th place were (a) the 21st position in policing, with 466 police officers per every 100 thousand people and (b) theft, which put the island 22nd as in every 100,000 people there were 111 thefts.

Cyprus, with a population of 1,153,000 recorded 16 crimes per 100 thousand people giving a security score of 63.

In this study 107 out of 195 countries took part, from which trustworthy data was collected.

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