Larnaca to invest in major City projects

According to Larnaca’s Mayor Andreas Vyras, it has been estimated that the construction of a total of ten projects will initiate in Larnaca while the Municipality is expecting to receive State funding for their implementation.

Projects in Larnaca

In his recent interview to the Cyprus News Agency, the Mayor stated that the Technical Services budget provision for 2019 includes the studies of certain projects with a view to maturing so that the Department will be ready to absorb the funds that may arise from the current 2014-2020 programming period. However, in the case where these will become unavailable, the Mayor explained that the Municipality will instantly be entitled to claim more projects during the new programming period 2021-2027. All these projects are very important in Larnaca’s upcoming development and  subsequently engage local and foreign entrepreneurs’ interest to invest in Larnaca.

Included in the project soon to come are: 

1. The external restoration of the Zouhouri and Laiki Gitonia, which complements the two current European projects through which Kleanthis Kalogeras Street will be reconstructed while the interior courtyard of Zouhouri will be repaired. Expected to be completed by mid-2020.


2. The redevelopment of roads and the facilitation of people with disabilities, a project which is a continuation of the present works in Ermou and Zenonos Kitieos as well as Nikolaou Roussou and Kosma Lysioti Streets.

3. The restoration of the Police Director’s house, a remarkable structure that has been left in poor condition for many years. A state property, which may be used by the Municipality for more than one purposes since the duality of the building together with the Eparhos residence is significant.

4. The area surrounding the residences will be configured in a park, which according to the Mayor, will be turned into lush greenery and will include active and passive entertainment spaces.

5. The redesigning of the coastal front of Athens Avenue at the beach of Phinikoudes which will be planned all the way from the boundaries of the buildings to the sea. The project will include a fire station, a dining area and sidewalks.

6. The reconstruction of the Alki and Acropolis squares. The upgrade of these neighboring town squares, off the central shopping area, will help revitalize the region.

7. The restructuring of the area around Chrysopolitissa to connect with ancient Kition and the ancient harbor. The works will highlight the ancient monumental church and revive the surrounding area.

8. The creation of parks and entertainment facilities in the refugee settlements including the creation of spaces for social, sports and cultural gatherings.

9. The connection of the Salt Lake with the fishing shelter including the configuration of the fishing shelter and the construction of a pedestrian airbridge linking the site of Petrakis Kyprianou park to the Salt Lake pedestrian street.

10. The regeneration of Pattichio Park, possibly together with the construction of a small refreshment store, a playground and other points of interest, as well as maintenance of the existing infrastructure.

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