Launch of Pearl House 8

We are pleased to announce our new project, Pearl House 8 in Larnaca city and mark the start of its construction.

Cleverly designed for supporting maximum privacy and centrally located, 800m from Finikoudes promenade and 200m from the Larnaca New Marina, the project boasts six 2-bedroom and two 3-bedroom apartments all with an ensuite.

Our team is focused on delivering the same exceptional quality workmanship Marinakis Property Developers have been distinguished for. The nature of the design of Pearl House 8 is one of well-executed style inviting comfort and enhancing a relaxed mood in a most inspiring setting.

After all, the best way to live is in the heart of the city!

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Successful Project Delivery

Marinakis Property Developers are pleased to announce the successful delivery of 16 units in Larnaca during the first quarter of 2019 reaching a significant milestone. Pearl House 1 and Pearl House 2 projects have been concluded, inspected and delivered consistently to our clients. Committed to delivering vibrant constructions supporting sustainability Marinakis Property Developers is looking forward to their next challenging and ambitious project.

Pearl House 1

pearl house 1


Pearl House 2

pearl house 2

Sponsors of the U10 Anorthosis Football Club

Marinakis sponsored team

Marinakis Property Developers are proud sponsors of the U10 mission of Anorthosis Football Club in the Balkan Football Tournament which this year has taken place in Thessaloniki, Greece. The children won all matches, ranked first and celebrated their victory. During their stay in Thessaloniki, they explored the city, tasted traditional desserts and enjoyed a PAOK Stadium tour.

Well done boys!

Larnaca Municipal Garden – The Gem Of Larnaca

Larnaca_municipal_gardens“Larnaca Municipal Garden” was officially delivered during the inauguration held by President Nikos Anastasiadis, in the presence of the city’s authorities.

Larnaca’s Garden Regeneration

The regeneration of the municipal garden was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”. Larnaca Municipal Garden, has acquired the real image it deserves, marking a new era at the favourite meeting place people of all ages.

Mayor’s address to the public

Mayor Andreas Vyras referred to the municipal garden as the gem of Larnaca city and a place of fun and joy. “This is an area, fully equipped with brand new toys according to safety specifications of European standards. A space with urban equipment, access for the disabled, a cafeteria, sanitary facilities and planted with more than 150 trees,” he added.

Mr. Vyras also referred to other Larnaca infrastructure projects under development as well as to the relocation and construction of new tennis courts in the area around the Community Centre, aiming to highlight the ancient port of Kition.

“Along with other investments made and efforts to adopt the initiative to make Larnaca a Blue City, coupled with the success we secured with the creation of the Cyprus Naval and Maritime Institute, we hope to make Larnaca a key reference point within Cyprus and beyond, “concluded the mayor

Property in Cyprus 4 tips before you buy

buy property in cyprus

Buying a property in Cyprus is in many cases a life changing decision. The right choice could certainly, upgrade the quality of a family’s life significantly and give a much better return as an investment. The wrong choice, however, could cause undesirable occurrences to the well-being or even damage the family’s or the investor’s budget. Consider the countless times owners have complained of the quality of their residences. Encountering problems with humidity or mold on the first year of purchase or long delays before their property title deed could be issued.

Typically, those who buy a property in Cyprus focus on location, which marks the value of the property and the price. This determines the potential return. It is in the same manner essential however, to give top priority to its quality which will induce the actual cost of the property in the long run.

There are simple steps to follow in order to establish whether a property meets the quality standards proclaimed by its vendors.

Buy property in Cyprus Steps to Follow

1. Ask the background of the Developing Company

Initially, the background of the developing company should be examined to determine its solvency and confirm adequate occupational exposure. Equally important is the current presence of the company in the market which governs its future course and stability. Moreover, Land Development Organizations awarded the Quality Management System Certificate are customarily dedicated to quality.

2. Ask for recommendations

It is encouraged to ask locally for recommendations for the company. What’s more, you could read testimonials or even refer to persons who have already purchased properties from the same property developer.

3. Study the contract Carefully

The contract of sale should be studied carefully. One of the things you should look for is whether a warranty is offered through the contract, a component revealing the quality of a company. Moreover, you need to confirm that the developing company has complied with all technical construction specifications, in order to secure a property title deed on time.

4. Know all your rights

A buyer has the right, with the written consent of the seller, to carry out a ‘search’ through the Land Registry Office to find out whether the property is subject to any mortgage.

Final thoughts

The recommendations preceding should be loyally supported by any prospective buyer to ensure a successful property purchase and subsequently a profitable investment. Besides, investing in real estate in Cyprus, being a global business and investment destination, has been proved one of the safest investment options in terms of risk and returns

Pearl House Success story

pearl house 1

pearl house 1

Marinakis Property Developers have been developing Pearl House sequential projects motivated by the present-day housing requirements and preferences; probably the main factors contributing to its high demand. Pearl House is an exclusive block of eight luxurious apartments in modern design, maintaining quality and functionality, located in the centre of Larnaca city.

pearl house 2

The concept was formulated just a year ago, but reservations continued at a very fast pace leading to the immediate process of developing a considerable number of property units.

Encouraged by this success, Marinakis Property Developers have so far in 2019 announced three additional Pearl Houses which have already been sold out!

Details on the coming Pearl House soon to come!

Happy New Year 2019

new years event

new years eventMarinakis Property Developers held a memorable company party for its team to celebrate their successful year end and mark the beginning of another exciting year of continued growth.

During the event, the company’s targets and objectives for 2019 were introduced and the management expressed their gratitude and reflected on the experiences and the success of the company, all through the close cooperation and dedication of its people!

Vergi Coastal Residences – Nearly SOLD OUT

Although demand for villas in Larnaca area had not been considerably high, Marinakis Property Developers opted against the odds. A premium location in the Larnaca-Dhekelia tourist area had been selected and the construction of Vergi Coastal Residences, initiated.

Elegance, privacy and sophistication master the project which consists of 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom, ideal for long-term living. Each house features 2 private parking spaces, ceramic patios and a master bedroom complete with a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. The sleek Italian kitchen comes with natural granite counters and fine finishes and the open floor living area artfully glides to the rear patio and swimming pool, the perfect spot to relax and unwind.


vergi insideIntegrated design and modern luxury uniquely blended in exclusive residences destined for families, in a location of serene privacy and only steps away from the Larnaca-Dhekelia Road bustling setting.

The bold move of Marinakis Property Developers effected a most favourable result with 70% of the residences already belonging with their new owners.


Partnership with Gate Developments

Gate Developments

Gate Developments






MARINAKIS PROPERTY DEVELOPERS and GATE DEVELOPMENTS are pleased to announce their cooperation. This strategic partnership was formed aiming to develop unique projects in Cyprus particularly in the Larnaca region.

The new alliance will engage in the sector of residential properties, commercial properties and the tourist sector in a wider sense. The partnership has already been set in motion with the development of “Marigate”, in a class by itself, grand residential project in Larnaca. The official launch of “Marigate” will shortly be announced.

Potential opportunities are currently being reviewed for further developments in Larnaca. Details of the prospective projects will soon be available.

Larnaca to invest in major City projects

Projects in Larnaca

According to Larnaca’s Mayor Andreas Vyras, it has been estimated that the construction of a total of ten projects will initiate in Larnaca while the Municipality is expecting to receive State funding for their implementation.

Projects in Larnaca

In his recent interview to the Cyprus News Agency, the Mayor stated that the Technical Services budget provision for 2019 includes the studies of certain projects with a view to maturing so that the Department will be ready to absorb the funds that may arise from the current 2014-2020 programming period. However, in the case where these will become unavailable, the Mayor explained that the Municipality will instantly be entitled to claim more projects during the new programming period 2021-2027. All these projects are very important in Larnaca’s upcoming development and  subsequently engage local and foreign entrepreneurs’ interest to invest in Larnaca.

Included in the project soon to come are: 

1. The external restoration of the Zouhouri and Laiki Gitonia, which complements the two current European projects through which Kleanthis Kalogeras Street will be reconstructed while the interior courtyard of Zouhouri will be repaired. Expected to be completed by mid-2020.


2. The redevelopment of roads and the facilitation of people with disabilities, a project which is a continuation of the present works in Ermou and Zenonos Kitieos as well as Nikolaou Roussou and Kosma Lysioti Streets.

3. The restoration of the Police Director’s house, a remarkable structure that has been left in poor condition for many years. A state property, which may be used by the Municipality for more than one purposes since the duality of the building together with the Eparhos residence is significant.

4. The area surrounding the residences will be configured in a park, which according to the Mayor, will be turned into lush greenery and will include active and passive entertainment spaces.

5. The redesigning of the coastal front of Athens Avenue at the beach of Phinikoudes which will be planned all the way from the boundaries of the buildings to the sea. The project will include a fire station, a dining area and sidewalks.

6. The reconstruction of the Alki and Acropolis squares. The upgrade of these neighboring town squares, off the central shopping area, will help revitalize the region.

7. The restructuring of the area around Chrysopolitissa to connect with ancient Kition and the ancient harbor. The works will highlight the ancient monumental church and revive the surrounding area.

8. The creation of parks and entertainment facilities in the refugee settlements including the creation of spaces for social, sports and cultural gatherings.

9. The connection of the Salt Lake with the fishing shelter including the configuration of the fishing shelter and the construction of a pedestrian airbridge linking the site of Petrakis Kyprianou park to the Salt Lake pedestrian street.

10. The regeneration of Pattichio Park, possibly together with the construction of a small refreshment store, a playground and other points of interest, as well as maintenance of the existing infrastructure.


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