Quality houses for sale in Cyprus

Buying a quality house is a tricky business . Buying a quality house in Cyprus is an even more tricky business due to the extreme weather conditions.

The quality of the house must be outstanding in order to tolerate Cyprus’ extreme Summer heat.

Here at Marinakis Developers we have been building and selling quality houses in Cyprus since 1985.

With hundreds of projects in the Marinakis portfolio we posses the know-how and the experience of building a quality houses in Cyprus.

16 Reasons why we build high quality houses

We have developed and standardised a procedure to achieve superb quality of the house;  that is why with every sale comes a content client. See our clients’ testimonials.

  • The construction steel used is clear of foreign matters and tied to all crossings.
  • Under the construction steel and on the sides of the pillars special plastics are placed overlapping the iron so air cannot penetrate and cause corrosion.
  • At each stage of the skeleton, cubes are taken for checks to a specialised laboratory for the strength and cleanliness of the concrete.
  • Proper drainage and mechanical design studies are carried out to prevent odours and improve ventilation performance.
  • Metal lintels are never used in the brickwork. Lintels are made of bricks or concrete for larger dimensions.
  • Under the flooring and before the under layer is placed, 1cm thick polysterene is applied for contraction and expansion reasons.
  • The terraces are insulated with cementitious material along with a special plastic mesh.
  • There is always a big chance of leakage and expansion of indoor moisture when fixing the bath and shower. This job is carried through to completion with great care and the bath and shower are masked well to prevent leakage.
  • In all cases, a hatchway to the bath sigma is provided for any future repair.
  • Before paint is applied, it is necessary for stabiliser to be used.
  • Cleanliness and order is maintained throughout the construction process.
  • The architectural plans are studied very carefully so that it will not be necessary to make late changes in the construction and thus delay the certificate of approval and the ownership title.
  • If the area is unknown, a geological study is made.
  • The substrate must be suitable and well compressed to be compatible with the test specifications.
  • If there are indications of humidity in the area, then a concrete admixture is used in the base and the columns of the construction.
  • The base of the building is always extended outwards, at least 30cm, to keep away the moisture on the outer part of the building.

Our latest project

Our latest project consists of 20 high quality houses and villas. Presently there are just 6 houses available for sale. See all details of the Pyla project.

quality houses for sale in Cyprus
High quality houses for sale in Cyprus by Marinakis Developers.

Are you interested in buying a house in Cyprus?

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Marinakis Developers

High quality houses for sale in Cyprus

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