servicesMarinakis Developers team offers absolutely free of charge valuable help to our clients as regards the following services.

Legal services

Marinakis Developers Ltd undertakes, without extra charge, the drafting, amending and finalising of the contractual agreement thus saving the client time and money.

The contract of sales is always designed to serve the mutual benefit of the contracting parties. All building technical specifications, terms and conditions discussed between the contracting parties are clear and understandable in the contract. Additionally, if the client wishes for the services of an external lawyer at his own expense, we can always propose the best of lawyers with expertise in our sector.

Banking services

The Financial Department of Marinakis Developers Ltd will assist our clients in finding a suitable banking institution and opening a bank account with the most favourable terms.

Customer Care services

Marinakis Customer Care team will offer options and assistance to the clients with their choice of products, from ceramic tiles to kitchen appliances and house furniture.

Marinakis Customer Care team will keep clients constantly updated through photos and videos with regards to the completion stages of their property. The clients will be invited to a pre-delivery meeting to review the completed work.

After Sale services

Our interest and devotion to our clients does not stop with the handing of a key.

Our team will,

· inform clients in good time to be present on the date of the transfer of the title deed,

· accompany clients to the Electricity Authority, Water Board, Telecommunications and/or any authority required, to transfer the accounts in their names,

· provide assistance with any future issues regarding electrical, plumping, gardening or interior designing,

· advise on legal and tax issues,

· provide services like maintenance, insurance and rental on request.

Renovations services

Whether you need to repair your property or landscape it, Marinakis Renovation Experts team is always at your disposal to deliver the best results. In collaboration with architects and designers, the best in the field, we plan and execute your project down to the last detail and guarantee results bearing our seal of quality.

Buy Back Guarantee

If a client needs to upgrade their property, Marinakis Developers guarantees to buy back on the condition the client purchases their new property from Marinakis Developers.

In the case where any one of our clients wishes to sell their property, the staff at Marinakis Developers will be more than happy to assist with the sale.



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