Technical specifications


We give much thought and consideration to what will work for you but also take the time to think about what will not work so as to make your house building process an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Marinakis Developers strictly follow European regulations, consider all technical requirements and specifications, research the latest building trends and materials and look at the construction of the homes delivered from all angles to make the most effective decisions.



Made of reinforced concrete C37 (Structural design according to the relevant EU Standards and Earthquake code). The external columns and beams are of a minimum width of 25cm.


Hollow clay bricks, 30cm wide on all external walls and 10cm wide internally, according to EU Standards. In addition, 5cm polystyrene applied on all external columns and beams for maximum energy saving purposes. All plastered internally and externally in 3 coats plus 3 coats of paint.


All tiles used are European Class ‘A’ quality. Kitchen and Living room areas are tiled. Bedrooms, Corridors and Bathrooms are tiled. Verandas and Outdoors patios are anti-slip tiled.


The walls in the bathroom are tiled up to the height of the ceiling. All tiles used are Class ‘A’ quality. The kitchen wall tiles are fitted from the kitchen counter worktop up to and in between the cupboards. The bathroom worktops are made of natural granite stone.

All sanitary fittings are first quality, made in Europe.

Verandas Windows and Doors

The windows and the exterior sliding doors are made of silver aluminium, series MU-3200 (sliding) and MU-2000 (opening) with double-glazing and are fitted directly on the walls.


The main entrance door is made of solid wood. All interior doors are MDF beech or oak oven-varnished. The interior door frames are Swedish Class ‘A’ wood.

Wardrobes and Kitchen

MDF beech wood or oak oven-varnished with white or wood colour melamine 18mm inside finish. Kitchen worktop is of natural granite stone and cupboards made of MDF with specialised mechanisms imported from Italy. Dimensions are as shown on the Architectural plans.

Electrical Installation

All installations according to the appropriate governmental department specifications with provision for telephone and television sockets in the living room and all bedrooms. All sockets provided to be double sockets

Solar Heater and Plumbing Installation

Solar Heater: The solar heater (volume 150 litres) with two panels, copper pipes and reserve water tank (volume 1200 litres).

Plumbing Installation: German pipes of multi layered aluminium connected to manifold. Separate pipes for washing-machine.

Air Contitioning and Central Heating Provision

Pipe installation for air conditioning and central heating.


As shown on the architectural plans, glass balustrades or painted metal banisters


All verandas and surrounding walls are sheathed with cement reinforcement insulation.


Internally the walls will be painted 3 coats with the purchaser’s choice of colour and the ceiling will be finished with spatula. European Class ‘A’ quality paint.

Yard, Garden and Fencing

Yard & Garden: Brick surrounding wall will be built around the yard. The yard will be levelled up so the purchaser can soil to plant or crazy paving patterned according to architectural plans.

Fencing: Painted metal banister or reinforced concrete as shown on architectural plans.


The houses have their own garage attached. Both drive-in area and garage are fully tiled.


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